Modular Classrooms to help school building crisis

Windmill Primary SchoolR Schools, who form part of the Rollalong Group, have an effective solution to help meet the shortage of primary school places. Forecasts show that there continues to be an exceptional increase in primary school aged children and decisions need to be made now to meet this shortfall.

R Schools have the capability to deliver new schools and school extensions by using a combination of traditional in-situ building techniques and offsite manufacturing capability. They have recently built three 1FE schools in Berkshire in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council. The scope of work was not limited to the buildings and services, but extended to the new playing fields, Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s), communal tennis courts, boundary security, access roads and utilities.

Working with the R Schools team speeds through the design, planning and contract stages allowing overall project times to be dramatically reduced. From the initial enquiry (pre-planning) to a completed 1FE school can take less than 12 months.

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