Rollalong facilitate Defence Rebasing Programme

JRSLA MOD Conversion Salisbury PlainWe are nearing completion on our largest conversion project to date. Our Rollalong Special Works team have been working with Aspire Defence Services Ltd (ADSL) to convert 49 JRSLA Assets (Junior Ranks Single Living Accommodation) from 36 Bed Accommodation to 40 Bed Accommodation Blocks.

Under the 35 yr Project Allenby/Connaught (PAC) contract ADSL is supplying the Total Facilities Management element across the four Army garrisons on Salisbury Plain and in Aldershot.

(PAC) is the largest infrastructure PFI contract ever led by the MoD and has significantly improved the lives of some 18,700 soldiers (20% of the trained British Army) through the provision of modern, high quality, fully serviced and purpose built living and working accommodation.

The JRSLA Conversion project spans all four garrisons and will create an additional 196 soldiers’ bedrooms. This forms part of the army’s extensive rebasing programme. This challenging project has been delivered during normal working hours in occupied accommodation blocks. Through careful planning and excellent organisation, disruption to the resident soldiers has been kept to an absolute minimum. The project has provided the MoD with an extremely cost effective solution to create additional bed spaces.

The project is due for completion at the end of March 2015.