Up-cycling modular buildings

Laffan House RelocationThe Rollalong Defence team have embarked on a 16 week programme to move a 26 bay modular building from its current home in Aldershot to Baker Barracks on Thorney Island. The original modular building was supplied by Rollalong in 2001.

This 40m long building, known as Laffan House, will be re-sited and fully refurbished (including new roof tiles, carpets, floor coverings and internal redecoration) ready for an intake of army personnel during Summer 2016.

This project represents just one part of the Army Basing Programme, which will provide the facilities the army needs to live, work and train in the UK as it returns from Germany, rebases across the UK and restructures under Army 2020.

Before this project began, Laffan House was likely to face demolition once the site was re-developed. However in this quick turnaround project, the DIO will be provided with a building that meets the needs of its office personnel. Read the full blog here.

Relocating an existing modular building and making it fit for purpose can be an excellent solution to save money and to work within tight timeframes.

To find out more about re-locating and refurbishing an existing modular building, contact one of our expert team on 01202 824541.