Upcycling Modular

New church hall created from old classroom

Holy Trinity ChurchRelocating an existing modular building and changing its purpose can be an excellent solution to save money and to work within tight timeframes.

Our team have recently completely refurbished a classroom building to create a church hall for Holy Trinity Church in Church Crookham, Hampshire.

The original classroom layout was altered to provide a larger hall space, with the order of the modules being swapped to accommodate this. The units were fully refurbished throughout and will now provide an ideal space for the local community to meet and hold functions.

In a recent statement, the client commended all of the Rollalong project team for their “excellent assignment”. The client commented that the project was “a first class job carried out with absolute professionalism, courtesy, and due diligence throughout”. In addition to this, the team was praised for its “consideration to the wider community”, with the “cleanliness of operation, managed with extreme care and due respect for neighbours” being especially highlighted.

To find out more about re-locating and refurbishing an existing modular building, contact one of our expert team on 01202 824541.