Record recycle – Rollalong building is re-purposed for its 6th use!

Rollalong Modular Building RelocationWe have recently delivered a refurbished 2 module building for use as break out rooms / one-to-one interventions for Foundry College in Wokingham. The building, originally constructed offsite in our purpose-built factory in Dorset, will be hired for two years while the school develops its expansion plans. The building was required to serve an immediate purpose and needed to be operationally ready in time for the exam season.

The building has a long and varied past. Already since its construction, it has served five separate purposes and is still going strong. Originally it formed the last 2 bays of an 8-bay unit built for use as temporary law courts for Weymouth Council and later it was returned to Rollalong to be used as offices for our Hire division, then for our Services team, before 6 bays were separated off and re-fitted to form the Army Rugby Union club building in Aldershot.

The remaining 2 bays stood empty for nearly 3 years, before being refurbished in our Dorset based factory using secondhand components and surplus stock. The building was then hired by Wokingham Borough Council to provide single classroom accommodation from 2014 – 2016, before being re-fitted once again for its most recent assignment.

This project is testament to the versatility, durability and high quality of our Rollalong buildings.