A Rollalong Village Hall; 42 Years Later

 Rollalong (Lesser Buildings as we were at the time) supplied the PB4 building in 1975 as a replacement for the old village hall which had burned down.

WoodlandVillageHallWoodland Village Hall near Verwood in Dorset is now 42 years old, and the building is in remarkably good condition. External finishes are still in very good order, etc. Internally it has been refurbished over the years by the Hall Committee.

Rollalong replaced the roof covering recently with a new single ply membrane to further safeguard the Halls longevity. This has a 20 year insurance backed warranty.

As part of our ongoing relationship with the Hall Committee, we have been asked to provide a new-for-old estimate for insurance purposes. We are of course very pleased to be able to offer this service to a well established local client.


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