MOD Time Lapse Footage

Aspire Defence Capital Works have produced excellent time lapse footage which showcases soldiers’ modular single living accommodation under construction on Salisbury Plain. The construction is being delivered by Aspire Defence and Rollalong for the Army Basing Programme (ABP) and Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

The provision of modern, flexible single living and working environments to soldiers across Aldershot and Salisbury Plain will enhance defence infrastructure and create a new home for troops relocating under ABP in 2019. The fast track installation provided by Rollalong Permanent Offsite Construction is a key element in delivering the build programme successfully.

The time lapse shows footage of Junior Ranks’ Single Living Accommodation (JR SLA) at one garrison where Rollalong began offsite construction work in November 2016, and where over 1300 single soldiers’ bed spaces will be delivered in total for ABP.

Rollalong will build 1600 modular buildings for the ABP project at this Army Barracks, comprising 57 buildings in total – some of which can be seen in this time lapse footage.

MOD Larkhill Time Lapse

MOD Time Lapse

Time lapse footage available here: