Aspire Defence Factory Tour – Understanding Modular Construction

Rollalong have recently provided a factory tour for ADL Board and staff members to see live demonstrations of the manufacturing process behind the single living accommodation (SLA) modules being installed across the ABP construction programme.

Aspire Defence stated:

“This year will see the Army Basing Programme (ABP) enter its peak construction phase and our suppliers (Rollalong) continue to maintain an impressive pace of delivery to ensure that the key ‘eat and sleep’ assets are ready for soldiers returning from Germany in summer 2019.”

To date, Rollalong have manufactured and installed over 700 modules making 23 residential buildings, with plans to manufacture 1700 modules and install a total of 55 SLA assets.

Speaking of the manufacturing process for offsite construction, Aspire Defence described our supply and service as “modular buildings are precisely engineered structures that undergo rigorous air and hydraulic pressure tests before leaving the factory floor with all wiring and pipework pre-installed. On arrival at site, there is a mere 20mm tolerance for fitting the modules together and making sure interfaces, such as ground drainage pre-prepared by Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW), align correctly. After the modules are craned on to the concrete blocks laid by ADCW, the pipes and wires are connected.

When the entire building has been fitted to the correct specification, Rollalong hands it over to ADCW contractors who begin work on the exterior.”

Geoff Quaife, ADL Board member from InfraRed explained the purpose of the factory visit to Rollalong: “We had two aims coming to Rollalong today; one was to understand more about the supply chain and the other was to satisfy ourselves around safety issues such as fire stoppage and building integrity. It was a really useful visit and the precision and engineering that goes into these buildings has been quite remarkable to see.”

Rollalong feature in the Aspire Defence News Bulletin, photos enclosed.

ADL News Buletin 2ADL News Buletin
ADL Rollalong Factory Tour