Sunset Over Installation Construction Process

The Rollalong Installation Team have recently started the installation of the first of four offsite built accommodation blocks for British Army officers and senior non-commissioned officers (NCOs) at Larkhill, Wiltshire.  The circa 275 bedrooms are due for completion in summer 2019.

In support of our client Aspire Defence, our installation team, as always, have been dedicated to ensure that the interfaces of the complex ‘L’ shaped buildings are aligned with each other to allow the modules to be bolted together correctly; this involved a late night of working where we managed to capture the rather stunning photo of the sunset over the construction installation.


This individual building shown in the photos comprises 46 modules and will provide 66 bedrooms.


Aspire Defence is contracted by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation under Project Allenby/Connaught, to deliver new and improved single living and working accommodation at garrisons across Salisbury Plain Training Area and at Aldershot, in support of the Army Basing Programme.


Sunset Construction Site