Download Our New Offsite Homes Brochure Today

Rollalong offer a turnkey solution to provide the design, production and installation of modular housing for the social and affordable residential market.

All of our modular homes are manufactured in our Dorset based factory which is a purpose-built to specialise in offsite construction where we proudly have the capacity to manufacture 1,000 modules per year with the ability to deliver a 32 unit housing development in just 75 weeks – which saves a considerable time over traditional construction methods.

In recent years, Rollalong have provided the British Army with multiple accommodation facilities and apartments alongside our client Aspire Defence Capital Works for the Army Basing Programme 2020. In addition to this, 2019 holds a very exciting year for residential projects with two major offsite residential developments underway.

We are pleased to publish our latest Offsite Construction Homes brochure here on our website, and you can contact our team to receive a copy in the post:

Our new brochure contains offsite construction benefits, Rollalong Homes timing plans, housing and residential plans and a portfolio of our past offsite residential projects.

Please download our brochure here