Rollalong Build Offsite Show Home Prototype For Magna Housing

Rollalong Ltd are building a 3-bedroom offsite show home in our factory, which will eventually be furnished and displayed at our headquarters in Dorset.

The offsite built prototype house is ahead of our exciting residential project with Magna Housing to deliver 600 homes for their next generation of offsite homes, beginning with the first instalment of 25 homes in Spring-Summer of this year.

Paul Read, Magna Housing said: “We selected Rollalong who have decades of experience in building permanent buildings for our armed forces and we are now working with them to design a range of homes that specifically meet our customer and business needs.

The designs in this range of homes incorporate 1- years of learning from residential feedback, via our own and our network of housing association partners with who we share knowledge and benchmark what makes a home great.

Bringing knowledge from across Magna, together with Rollalong’s technical expertise, is Magna’s response to ensuring a new level of quality is build from the outset. Assembling homes in the clean dry well organised quality-controlled environment that a factory offers, compared to the variable conditions that are experienced on traditional building sites, then promotes the highest prospect of getting the quality Magna and our customers demand, time and time again.”

Rollalong have over 50 years’ experience in offsite construction, and notoriously provide the education and defence sectors with modern and functional accommodation, leisure areas, schools and classrooms and 2019-2020 see’s our expansion in to supply directly into the offsite housing sector. This is a very exciting opportunity for all our employees, local suppliers and the growth of Rollalong as a company.