Rollalong Reveals Modular Designs for Housing

24th September 2019

Rollalong has unveiled a range of new homes for affordable housing provider Magna Housing during an open day on Thursday 29th August. 

As well as a tour of The Bramble, a three-bed house, guests at the open day had a tour of the manufacturing facility to gain a more detailed understanding of how modular houses are constructed.  

Paul Read, Head of Development and Sales at Magna, said: “We have a fiveyear development strategy to deliver a programme of affordable homes. We are delighted to be working with Rollalong to expand our capacity by building affordable homes. 

The collaboration between the two south westbased organisations aims to tackle the current challenges of housing affordability and quality, by bringing together five decades of manufacturing knowhow and extensive knowledge of what people want from their homes.  

Rollalong’s Managing Director Steve Chivers said: “The open day gave us a chance to showcase what we’re planning to deliver for Magna to the wider housing community.  

“We are proud to have been awarded the contract to design and build these modular homes that will provide a range of high-quality, affordable housing for everyone. I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive comments about the build, particularly with regards to the finish we have achieved. 

“This has also been a great opportunity to demystify modular housing for some and champion the benefits that this style of housing can provide in the face of a nationwide housing crisis.” 

By manufacturing the homes within a factory setting, Rollalong can control or guarantee the following aspects 

  • Consistent quality 
  • Higher fire safety standards 
  • Moisture prevention during the building process 
  • Quicker build time 
  • Lower carbon emissions in the build process 
  • Reduced waste on site 

Constructing a building in a factory setting is more sustainable than traditional building methods as it reduces material waste and requires minimal vehicles to transport the finished product to the site. 

Paul added: “Whether you are a landlord like Magna or someone looking to buy a new home, there is always a doubt about how well your new home will be built.  

The demonstration by the Rollalong team shows that achieving highquality homes again and again is in our grasp.  

The next step for Rollalong and Magna is further reducing carbon emissions from the way we build and live in homes. 

During the open day Magna Housing also launched its new website, which explains the shared ownership option in more detail and showcases the range of properties it will have available thanks to Rollalong.   

We began manufacturing the first phase of 52 homes in August. Our in-house design team have developed four housing designs for the initial call-off order of 25 homes, which are expected to be completed by the end of September, ready for onsite installation. 

Selina White, Chief Executive at Magna Housing, said: “Magna is committed to creating great homes together with our partners and this is exactly why we have chosen to work with Rollalong, the largest permanent offsite construction company in the south of England 

Throughout our tender process they demonstrated a clear understanding of our vision and commitment to providing quality homes to be proud of, where people choose to live.” 

To watch the video of the open day visit: