Rollalong Secures BOPAS Accreditation

13th December 2019

The Rollalong team are proud to announce that they have been awarded BOPAS accreditation.

Obtaining BOPAS demonstrates to funders, lenders, valuers and purchasers that Rollalong homes, built offsite using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), will deliver on quality, durability and performance.

Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) was developed to address concerns that homes built from non-traditional methods are durable and deliver the quality required.

BOPAS is recognised by the principal mortgage lenders as providing the necessary assurance underpinned by a warranty provision, that the property will be readily mortgageable for at least 60 years.

To achieve the BOPAS accreditation we were rigorously audited on our design, manufacturing and construction methods to ensure that our system was validated for integrity, durability and performance.

Steve Chivers, Managing Director at Rollalong Ltd, said: ‘Securing BOPAS accreditation is testament to the quality of our LGS framed volumetric product and robust business processes developed over our 60-year history.

“The residential market provides us with the golden opportunity to change the nature and perception of what it is to work in the construction industry allowing us to attract the next generation of multi-skilled workers.

“Rollalong designs and manufactures homes in our Dorset based factory to reduce disruption to local residents and condense construction timescales to solve the desperate requirement for homes across the South of England.”