With a growing and ageing population, need for reduced waiting times and demand for improved service is all putting pressure on existing healthcare facilities. Our specialist team work within this sector to provide cost effective and rapid solutions for the NHS, care homes, sheltered accommodation, doctors’ living quarters and supported living apartments. We have successfully delivered effective modular solutions for projects as diverse as a specialist Respite Centre and a MoD rehabilitation ward. Our off-site and on-site build process is especially sympathetic to the demands of healthcare professionals and their patients. This detailed upfront planning and design phase along with our cutting-edge off-site construction methods ensure a quick, clean and efficient process, producing a high quality building which is fit for purpose, robust and future proof.


Case studies

DMRC Headley Court Jubilee Rehab Complex

The Jubilee Rehabilitation Centre at DMRC Headley Court opened to high acclaim in the summer of 2012 after a fast track build programme of just 9 months. The Jubilee Rehabilitation Complex provides clinical and rehabilitation facilities for amputees, mostly from Military casualties with single, double or triple prosthetics. Comprising of 2 buildings of 2750m² the complex includes; ward rooms for 48 patients in various combinations; consultation rooms; a 200m² gym and a prosthetics workshop. X-ray, bone density scanners and other specialist equipment provide first class support for the patients. Despite the challenges and exacting timeframe, Rollalong were able to meet the demands placed upon them thanks to their quality driven approach alongside their ever strengthening relationship with the MoD.

DMRC Headley Court – Mallard House Ward Accommodation

Rollalong provided a 2 storey (1100m²) accommodation block, which has provided an additional 29 beds in 4 person ward rooms. This facility was designed with flexibility in mind, after its initial use as ward accommodation, it can be cost effectively converted into single living accommodation. Space constraints on site required the building to be constructed within a courtyard replacing an ornamental duck pond. Time and cost were key drivers and therefore a modular solution was the ideal solution. The total build period was less than 6 months from mobilisation. Although a majority of the work was completed in Rollalong’s quality controlled factory, site works to construct the tiled roof, external brickwork cladding and external works took 12 weeks. Internal finishing of the 10 wards, completion and commissioning of the M&E installation was also carried out.

DMRC Headley Court – Centre for Mental and Cognitive Health

Located in a secluded courtyard and surrounded by ancient topiary, the CMCH unit presented unique challenges to the PriDE and Rollalong team. Planning restrictions meant that site access was limited to a 2m pathway and all building components had to be lifted over a 5m high hedge. Time was of the essence, and whilst planning required a permanent building using matching brickwork and a tiled roof to blend in with the environment, the project needed to be completed quickly to allow the construction of the Help for Heroes rehabilitation pool. The finished building consisted of 5 consulting rooms, a classroom and 2 offices.